Bizaap - What is it?

Established in 2016, Bizaap : 'Business Application Access Point' is a B2B marketplace that helps small and mid sized businesses in India and worldwide to expand their patronage within local and overseas markets. It is a fast growing online platform that promotes wholesalers, distributors, manufacturers, traders and service providers within 1200 categories and above 1,00000 product groups.

In bizaap, sellers can quickly create their own online catalog to showcase their products and services online, visualize themselves among global buyers, reply to the posted buy leads and offer their products to sell.

More and more people seem to be moving from traditional business module to the digital mode of operation lately, so it's no surprise that many people have started adding digital component to their existing companies. Technobiz and Bizaap team specialize on these components to offer businesses advice and guidance on improving online presence, taking product photos, writing product copy, managing secure servers and your clients mailing lists and generating leads and orders, and more.

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Bizaap – How and why?

Why so many small and medium sized companies are finding their local business abortive, but have no clue how to market and globalize their operations? Why many of the businesses are running out of new orders?

If you truly think that your business needs to be discovered globally, is the right platform for exhibiting your products, brand and services to make them accessible by thousands of prospective internet users in no time. Bizaap helps you grow your business easily no matter where you are located.

Today buyers worldwide including purchase managers, facilities managers and procurement heads come online and use bizaap for product sourcing and finding suppliers from around the globe., is a strategic ally for companies like yours. It offers a platform to boost your business with highly technological tools that make your investment profitable, increase your position in the world market through all the supports.

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Digital Presence - What does it mean?

In the past, just having a website meant that you are digital savvy and your online presence was adequate because you occupy space online – Today, a lot of digital platforms such as social media, video sharing websites, mobile applications, search engines, and other medium of online advertising has to be considered when we talk about creating a digital presence for any brand- since it embraces so much more than merely a website.

With the fast changing technologies in all industries, online has begun to play a progressively larger role in business. It is significant that companies look at their current digital presence, and adjust it to best suit where their company is heading, and how to desirably engage with their niche market.

There are situations where people might be talking about your brand when you are sleeping. Even if you haven't started an official digital brand promotion, your brand is being talked about by many people online. It can be positive or negative, any brand remarked or reviewed in a digital space means that you unwittingly have a presence there. When you consider that fact, it’s hard to reason that your business doesn’t need an online engagement.

Your customers and clients might be looking to have access to information about your business offering when they need it, and they are accessing it through a range of devices and platforms. Businesses now not only need to be bringing themselves available online, but they also need to consider how their brand is exhibited to the forever connected consumer who is accessing information from desktops, tablets and smart phones on the move, right away.

Relevancy is the word that talks about brands staying relevant to their target market by building a strong digital presence, not only that, they also need to make sure that the channels they live on are relevant to their product or brand. As we are rapidly shifting away from mass markets and communication, and moving towards more interconnected clients networks, just creating a website isn’t enough anymore. Customers these days are looking for real-time interaction and businesses need to capitalise on the engagement through the various digital touch points.

Do you think that Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and other CMS does your brand need to have account on all of these platforms to have a digital presence? Our answer would be not necessarily. Where your target market or clients are, should guide your digital presence. If you think that your clients are there on these platforms, then your brand might get exposure to fetch some attention however setting up an account on these channels just for the sake of being digital can only bring difficulties in managing your online presence. If you would want to be focused on your digital engagement then remember that you should be focused on creating engagement opportunities among your targeted audience on the platforms you have a presence on- whether that is five or fifteen.

Number shows that social networks has a very good contribution on the most visited websites in the world. However, this does not mean that online business is only about hashtagging, liking or sharing because at the end of the day, the reason you do business is for generating revenue. Having a digital presence should fetch clients for you. If digital marking is understood and done the correct way, it will definitely bring business to businesses – To the bottom line, return on investment is very important.

Irrespective of industry, your digital presence is very important and has a good deal to offer your business- so bizaap is here to support you to understand it, take over it, and make it veritably work for you.

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