TWS - Vision

To be the world leader in digital marketing for small and medium sized businesses and partners in value, service, affordability and ordered series by having more satisfied customers in more countries than any other online marketer.

Company Overview

Established in 2016, Technobiz Web Services (TWS) was started with an idea that SEO services and Digital Marketing should be affordable to everyone in the small and medium business marketplace. TWS wants to assist and preserve the entrepreneurial spirit of the small and medium business owner by supporting the local and international market with competitive SEO and Online Marketing solutions. As a result, TWS was founded on one well-to-do business model: to create affordable and effective digital marketing, online advertisement and SEO for the small and mid sized business marketplace.

In the beginning, a talented team was formed to develop technology that would overturn the online marketing industry. The future goal of this technology experts was to take a factory-line approach to individual business promotion and SEO fulfillment. The key to this technology was to split up the workload among a group of experts, allowing each person to focus on one specific area of development and promotion. As a result, TWS now can deliver the highest quality of promotion and optimization available to you today at a very reasonable cost.

By April 2016, TWS had just over 7 employees establishing its first sales team and executives that exists today. Within the first year, the company had outgrown the first office with over 35 team members, and through the success of its concentrated small and mid sized business product, company continued to grow its size by twofold year after year.

Today, TWS has over 200 employees based in three offices “Siliguri, West Bengal” “Kathmandu, Nepal” and “Mumbai, Maharashtra”. Company also have a physical presence in Delhi, and spreading out an office in Ahemadabad, Gujrat soon. With over 1,000 active clients throughout these cities, TWS was recognized as one of hard-core digital marketer of the year by Digit Magazine.

In December 2016 Technobiz Web Services launched its business marketplace that connects manufacturers, whole sellers, traders, distributors, service providers and exporters with indigenous and global buyers and importers in a quick and cost effective way. Bizaap already has 1 million products listed, above 10 thousand member registered and host above 1 thousand online establishments-visit bizaap or learn more about it here.

As part of the award-winning emergence, TWS has expanded its suite of online products to include digital marketing, search engine marketing, high-end web development, social media marketing, responsive web design, Ecommerce with full fledged inventory system and servicing a variety of small and medium businesses worldwide.

Core Values - That Encourages Us

Customer Centric

TWS strive to deliver an prodigious customer experience and excellent results all the time. And when customers need it, TWS will be there. Company have been going above and beyond to ensure its client success and happiness.

Frankly, TWS is Honest

Technobiz is honest towards itself, its clients, its partners, and all the coworkers in everything that it does.

Excellent to All

Relationships are at the core of all that TWS has been doing. It strive to achieve and maintain splendid relationships through entrust, mutual respect, unfeigned concern, encouragement, and clear communication.

Commence Next Action

We prove a strong work ethic with a results-oriented prejudice toward action. Let us put it this way, we get things done. TWS itself and everybody in TWS hold each other answerable for the quality of our work and the level of productivity.

Joining Force to Commit

TWS respect diversity and dissenting perspectives. That is the reason, it collaborate across teams to innovate, solve problems, and generate ideas. TWS is a place that welcomes all perspective and voice of all those whom the decision involves. Everyone is free to and talk openly. When a decision is finalized, everyone fully commits to supporting the decision by joining the force. And so everyone takes responsibility for performing their role to win over these ideas into final results.

They Said It - We are highly obliged

Ramanand - Austroia Consultancy

Great people to work with - from start to the end and even after completion of the project they were with me. I really appricaite saroj and team to built the world class design of my dynamic website.

Atul Panchal - Spring Factory

Fantastic development and desgin of my online catalog. They are truely expert in their domain, I have been receiving a good number of enquires now. Their service is highly recommended.

Shabbir Cementwala - Oceanic Travel Concept

This team was very quick in understanding our portal's conecept and worked to carry through all our conception and requirements. Highly recommended work.

Texonic Engineering - Anpalakan

Our requiremet was little different from what people normally look in website. It took a bit of time for technobiz people to understand, but once they did it was all unruffled.

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