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Interface Overview

Registering on bizaap and adding your company details will get you above 20% of profile completion. However, to get the maximum exposure, we suggest you to complete your profile by100%. Once you are logged into your seller account, you can ascertain if your profile is complete or not by looking at the progress bar either empty, partially filled in, or full. This represents to the different levels of your profile completeness.

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  • To achieve the 100% profile completion,, you have to add up the following details on your profile.

    Register 10%
    Set up Buying Profile 10%
    Set up Selling Proile 10%
    Add Products 20%
    Update Business Details 10%
    Update Company's Address 10%
    Add Nature of Business 10%
    Add Social Links 5%
    Upload Company Logo 5%
    Add Company Website 5%
    Update Phone Numbers 5%
  • Why aim 100%

    Your business profile is like your business 'resume', it carries critical information such as phone numbers, email ids, address and product that you deal with. it's important that your profile contains correct and complete information.

    1. Get spot on Google searches : If your profile in 100% complete with bizaap, your company might show up at the top of Google searches when someone googles the category of product that you want to sell. Your buying profile also have changes to be visible on google to get discounted rates when you buy something online.

    2. You will stay super-current : Your complete profile helps you to stay on the top of the bizaap platform. Updated information about your company and your product's specification are readily available to those who are viewing your profile.

    3. Remain connected automatically: Bizaap allows you to update your position anytime, instantly letting everybody in your audience know what’s new at your side and how to find you. You can extend this audience well by adding your profile, keeping your profile updated gives you totted opportunities to grow your business networks.

    4. Efficient CRM system to manage your network : This is your own customer relationship management system for managing and intercommunicating with contacts. You no more need to use your email as your contacts manager or concern about thinned connections when you communicate through this platform invariably.

    5. Personal branding platform: Bizaap dashboard provides one of the best chances to increase your visibility and credibility with members of your brand community. Now you also can add videos and images in your profile to develop a veritably three-dimensional eyeshot of your brand. This is all possible once you complete you profile 100% by using this powerful online tool to paint a compelling picture of your company in the real world.

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