-- How bizaap works

If you run a small or a medium scale enterprises and you have not yet listed your business with bizaap.com, it might be a good time to get your business acquainted with this platform. Bizaap.com is the fastest growing online (B2B) business-to-business marketplace that serves as a platform for buyers and sellers across the globe for international trade. Below given are a few of the reasons your business could gain from getting connected with bizaap.com today.

Fast Growing Online Marketplace :

Bizaap.com has been growing rapidly in the Indian market for some time now, and have been reasonably accessed in China, Australia, North America, Africa, USA, Middle East and Europe' market as well. Bizaap provides platform for small business owners to get their products exhibited in front of a global audience. The most gripping reason you need to use the power of bizaap is because it is very difficult to get this much of exposure for such little efforts anywhere.

Registering and Posting Products in less then 3 minutes :

We believe that there is only one solid reason for small scale industries to compete globally with the mega corporation, and that is - exposure. Thus bizaap is instrumental in allowing small business owners to showcase their products on bizaap platform in merely 3 minutes and that too without spending a penny. Product posted on bizaap market place has the potential to be viewed by millions of customers, who then could send enquires directly to the small business owners from bizaap interface. This allows small businesses owners to get the most required exposure to encourage for becoming a dominant force in the industry. You spent your 3 minutes on bizaap.com to create one post and you have actually created a listing of your business that the world can see. 

How to register and post product video :
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The Power of Bizaap

With over 333 million users in India and above 721 million users in China, both the nations are now the worlds largest Internet markets where internet users are currently spending up to 20 hours each week shopping online. By analyzing this all it doesn’t take much to realize how powerful online media is. Your small business could veritably be transformed in no time, if the products you produce find the right market. To getting recognized all over the world, this is the time for you to get on board and crack the best deals on Bizaap's platform.

Early you register, renowned you will be?

Customers these days prefer to visit your website and see your products and profile before they visit you in person. They will also be keen to see your address, your complete profile, your clients list and promotional materials. The biggest grounds for you to get your business registered on bizaap.com sooner than later is that it helps you position your products every corner of the world for you to stand out. Win more clients by creating impressive digital catalog on bizaap today.

How Seller's Process Works?

(1) Manufacturers, Suppliers, Service Providers register and post their company's profile, business information, product specifications and services offered on bizaap.

(2) Listings are searched by thousands of buyers around the globe and contacts are made, information is exchanged between the suppliers and buyers.

(3) Orders are negotiated and finalized.

How Buyer's Process Works?

(1) Buyers around the globe either search for the products they are looking for and send their buying interest on that specific product or register themselves on bizaap -- access the buyer's dashboard and post the product they normally buy from the market so registered sellers know what they have been buying on a regular basis and stablish communication with them.

(2) Buyers fill in the detailed form with elaborated requirement that is receive by all relevant sellers

(3) Both the parties then start communicating and negotiating for finalization.

  • Bizaap's Commercial Video (coming soon...) :

  • Bizaap offers the most advanced online tools to enable buyers and sellers communicate easily to perform business