Learn How to Create Your Own Online Store

Here are the steps you should follow for starting your very own online store.


Not certain on how to begin converting your conventional offline shop to an online store? The initial step to creating an online store is to let bizaap.com know your prerequisites. Bizaap offers an extensive consultation for your e-commerce requirements at your door step. Our experts are ready to assess your detailed requirements from the scratch upto its development. Thus it won't matter what you want to sell online, we have perfect solutions for it all. Call us today, we would love to convert your shop, wholesale unit and manufacturing facilities to an online mega mall.


Once you have understood the concept and made up your mind to own a profitable e-commerce platform, we will start creating your store from the scratch on a rebost and secured framework so that it is safe and fully customized according to your taste and requirement that truly reflects your brand. You can keep and eye on the progress and ask us for the required changes on your website to make it the way you want it. We will then, showcase all of your products that you offer for your customers for smooth and secured purchase.

You can easily add product photos, descriptions, available quantity, color, sizes etc. and also see your inventory, throw coupons, control billing and invoices, refund, wishlist, bulk buying enquires and sales reports etc. by clicking a mouse from the content management system that we will be developing.


Since your ecommerce business is ready to takeoff, you need to luxuraiate your webstore through the tools provided by bizaap team. Some of the things that you can do to draw in your buyers:

Track Stock

Your ecommerce platform will have a full fledged inventory tracking in real time. Keep track of purchases, see what is available in stock, and what needs to be ordered or manufactured.

Throw Coupons

Everybody likes to purchase where they get good bargain, you can create coupons and offer it to the first time purchaser or returning customers so they are encouraged to purchase more on your store and promote your business for free.

Manage Shipping and Returns

Time has changes so the expection of buyers, online businesess with late deliveries and delayed customers service won't servive for a long. Bizaap ecommerce platform provides easy shipping and return management system so you can look after your customers better.

Analyze your Online Business

As every business is unparalleled, the certain factors within each sector must be watched specifically for the business being analyzed. Some of the key points that you can look for is your strengths, your weaknesses, opportunities at hand, and menaces. Bizaap gives you an advanced tool to understand your visitors behavior such as : what they searched for, for how long they stayed and why they might have left the platform. These key indicators help you understand your visitors behavior and switch in accordance to grow your online business.

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